February 2018 in Review

Another month has come to a close! Where does the time go? It’s already March 8 9 and I’m just getting to this post now. Regardless, this month we successfully:

  1. Spent our first night away from home with the baby
  2. Turned 42 (my husband)
  3. Kept a tiny human alive (two months in a row!)

Things we learned in February

  1. It’s ok to try again later (I’m looking at you cloth diapers)
  2. Tiny humans have lots of opinions on how and when things should be done.
  3. You can get by on a lot less sleep than you thought you could.
  4. Growth spurts are for real.
  5. If I’m going to review months, I need to start keeping a journal.
  6. The fog does clear.

Jack went through a for real growth spur this month.  Like one day he was the small, slow but steady growing baby we brought home and BAM, next day he was giant!  (of course, by giant I mean a whopping 10lbs 15oz. – you know some babies are born that big. Naturally!? Yowza.)

As our guy grows up it gets easier and easier to get out with him, which is great. We’re trying to get out and about as much as possible and soak up the last of the winter weather here in Florida. The heat is just around the corner I’m sure. We’re also all looking forward to the fall when we he’ll be old enough that we can rejoin our camping crew. (See how I just skip right over the torture that is Florida summer?)

Hmmm… what else?  Oh, we spent an overnight at my parents house in February and my in-laws arrived for a two week visit. Jack has the absolute best grandparents in the world on both sides, we just need to make sure they don’t spoil him rotten! Left unsupervised, they surely would.

Here’s some updates on the little man. The first photo is from February 4 and the second from February 28. The wubba nub is hiding Jack’s double chin, but I can assure you it’s there. 🙂 If you’re looking for a point of comparison, those are the same size diapers. He’s turning into a chunky monkey for sure. Just look at those thighs!

Anyway, March has lots of adventures for us… five days of housesitting at my parent’s house and then we’re onto our first plane flight (of many, we’re a traveling family!) to New England to spend time with Jack’s cousin Francesca, about 6 weeks older than Jack and my best friend’s baby Maggie who is about 12 weeks older than Jack. (There’s been a lot of babies in my circle lately…)