February 2018 in Review

Another month has come to a close! Where does the time go? It’s already March 8 9 and I’m just getting to this post now. Regardless, this month we successfully:

  1. Spent our first night away from home with the baby
  2. Turned 42 (my husband)
  3. Kept a tiny human alive (two months in a row!)

Things we learned in February

  1. It’s ok to try again later (I’m looking at you cloth diapers)
  2. Tiny humans have lots of opinions on how and when things should be done.
  3. You can get by on a lot less sleep than you thought you could.
  4. Growth spurts are for real.
  5. If I’m going to review months, I need to start keeping a journal.
  6. The fog does clear.

Jack went through a for real growth spur this month.  Like one day he was the small, slow but steady growing baby we brought home and BAM, next day he was giant!  (of course, by giant I mean a whopping 10lbs 15oz. – you know some babies are born that big. Naturally!? Yowza.)

As our guy grows up it gets easier and easier to get out with him, which is great. We’re trying to get out and about as much as possible and soak up the last of the winter weather here in Florida. The heat is just around the corner I’m sure. We’re also all looking forward to the fall when we he’ll be old enough that we can rejoin our camping crew. (See how I just skip right over the torture that is Florida summer?)

Hmmm… what else?  Oh, we spent an overnight at my parents house in February and my in-laws arrived for a two week visit. Jack has the absolute best grandparents in the world on both sides, we just need to make sure they don’t spoil him rotten! Left unsupervised, they surely would.

Here’s some updates on the little man. The first photo is from February 4 and the second from February 28. The wubba nub is hiding Jack’s double chin, but I can assure you it’s there. 🙂 If you’re looking for a point of comparison, those are the same size diapers. He’s turning into a chunky monkey for sure. Just look at those thighs!

Anyway, March has lots of adventures for us… five days of housesitting at my parent’s house and then we’re onto our first plane flight (of many, we’re a traveling family!) to New England to spend time with Jack’s cousin Francesca, about 6 weeks older than Jack and my best friend’s baby Maggie who is about 12 weeks older than Jack. (There’s been a lot of babies in my circle lately…)

New Year’s Reminders!

I posted this for New Year’s Day 2012 and the words are as true today as they were then!  Peace and love!

Breathe. Consciously.  Drink more water. Eat less sugar. Run. Stretch. Remember that Karma is only a bitch if you are. Give more. Want less. Love, love, love. Have fun. Be BRAVE. Cry as necessary, but no more.  Remember that life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  Remember that only you can change your fate.  Remember that an eye for eye makes us all blind.  Learn.  Create.  Inspire.  Have a little faith that it will all work out.  Believe in the here and now.  Be present.  Dance more.  Dream more.  Be reckless with your heart, but not other’s.  Own your decisions.  Own your thoughts and stances.  Own your sexuality.  Sleep enough.  Meditate.  Spend more time barefoot in the sand.  Relax.  Take a picture.  or two. Draw.  Paint.  Play.  Embrace life.  Enjoy the journey.  When you fall down, get up.  When the going gets tough, get tougher.  and bring back-up.  Smile.  Remember that bad decisions make good stories.  Try something new…anything.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  Don’t just live, thrive.

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

I am contemplating the past year with gratitude. I have spent the last 365 days with a truly amazing man. The kind of man that makes you realize why it never worked out with someone else.  The kind of man that was worth traversing the long, bumpy road of my relationship history for. I have also, despite not making any sort of resolution to do so, finally managed to get my finances in proper order.  Like really proper. I feel all grown up!  Maybe it’s the result of 18 months of practicing minimalism.  Maybe it’s the result of actually having some extra income from my photography business in 2014.  Maybe it’s the positive influence of the aforementioned new man in my life.  More than likely, as so many successes are, it’s a combination of all those things and more. I also feel a foundation has been built this past year for some successful business projects. Grounds cleared and stones stacked to build something amazing on.

As I look into the crystal ball of 2015 I see…. nothing.  Mostly cause I don’t have a crystal ball and I’m not really psychic. And so glad that I’m not because how boring would that be?

So I am excited about what the next trip around the sun will bring. I refuse to make New Year’s Resolutions.  While every January I do try to refocus on getting in shape, I don’t consider it a resolution. Especially since I also refocus in March and July and October and November and so on and so on…  I have some really exciting photo projects lined up. I have some really inspiring people surrounding me. I am working with friend on building his business and I think it’s going to be his year. The staleness, the icky and the stuff that made me say “Thank God this year is over!” are all a thing of the past. Long gone and washed away with some super sexy rainshowers. Time to jump headfirst into some artistic expression and see what adventures 2015 has in store for me.

I’m ready for it all.  And I hope you are too!

Being Diligent, Part Deux

Well… two months flew by. I hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am.  I have been wrapped up in getting family portraits for a bunch of amazing people so that they can get their Christmas cards out.  Yup, that’s right, Christmas is right around the corner, can you believe it?  As far as applying the minimalist lessons I’ve learned along the way to Christmastime and gift giving, I should tell you right now that I have failed utterly.  And it’s not even Christmas yet.  While I tense at the though of going through all the physical things that Christmas will bring into my home, I love to give.  I have no idea how I am going to about getting that under control for next year, but it seems this year is already buried under a pile of wrapping paper.  And I don’t even feel bad about it.

See what happens when you’re not diligent?   Guess I’ll keep trying.  One day at a time and all that.

Happy holidays everyone! Hug someone today!

Finding the Good Life.

The “good life” is your life. Whatever you choose.

What should I write? It’s a question I frequently throw out to trusted friends or sometimes just at dinner to rile up the conversation. It’s usually met with the same response

Er… I dunno. Whatever you want.

Helpful guys, thanks.

But when I was getting antsy to write this time, my usual question was answered with a not so usual response.

“Write about how there are so many people, including myself, that live their lives struggling, advancing in work, getting married, running in the rat race. Denying the true feeling that they have had for ever about their lives. They are a gypsy soul that wants to wander the world, have no place to hang their hat, love strong, say YES, die whenever but not from sickness.”

And at first, I could not figure out how to answer that text. But then I realized that I did know how to respond. I felt it, I understood. I could relate. I did it. Fuck, I LIVED it. All of it, every line.

I got married, because that’s what people do. Because I mistook loving someone for being deeply, truly and madly IN love with them. Then I got divorced and did it all again. Even the divorce part. Next my biological clock started ticking so loudly in my ears, I went BABY CRAZY. For four years, I listened to my biological clock pounding in my head, in spite of not having someone in my life that I would want to share a child or have a family with. Then, one day, I realized I’m not even really sure that I want kids.

And then I thought about it. Not kids, necessarily, but life.

I actually took the time to think about my life. And what do I want? What happened to all the things that I knew I wanted to do? I wanted to see Europe. All of it. Mountains and beaches and museums and cafes. I wanted to lay on the grass and stare at the Eiffel tower. I wanted to climb to the very top of Greece and look down to the ocean, see its stucco facade in all of it’s blue and white glory and watch the old men lead donkeys up and down the windy roads. I wanted to ride a gondola in Venice and smell the retchid loss of dignity the city has suffered going from a beautiful mystery to a city drowning in it’s own sewers.

And I was spoiled, blessed. I watched the wave riders from the beach in Bali. I walked for hours on the Great Wall of China. I toured the Great Ocean road in Southern Australia and gawked, open-mouthed and stunned at the raw beauty of Aboriginal paintings. The spark of wander lust was fueled; like someone recklessly splashing lighter fluid on the bonfire. It remained a fire that glowed, sometimes brightly, sometimes just an ember.

But as it does, if you let it, life happened. I got a job and found myself in a career. A year, then five and then a decade passed. My mind occasionally wandering back to a lust for travel. But the occasional longing to roam, well it’s the longing that confirms that I want it and need it. I need to GO.

I miss the feeling of standing in the customs line, my gut tight with knots, strangely and unnecessarily nervous. The same way that my muscles clench mildly during date. Knowing what I want, but not what to say to go about getting exactly that. Not sure if my hunger will be immediately satiated, or if I’ll need to justify it.

No place to hang my hat? Yeah. Been there. Lived in my car. Literally. A Ford Escort. A shower curtain rod hung between the two back windows to hang my work clothes. Everything else in the trunk. Missing my dog, knowing she was safe and loved and more cared for than I could provide after leaving her with a family friend. Crashing each night with a different friend or colleague. Do I long for that life again? I was going to say no, but unexpectedly, the idea makes my heart flutter with inexplicable excitement, my pulse and energy level rising in unison at the mere thought. And reminiscing about my unfulfilled desire to see the world, well, I could just sell the house, sell the car, buy an old VW bus and live in the vehicle again. An unexpected notion that has me surprised and titillated by unexplored possibilities…fascinating.

Love strong? Me? No.

Did you believe me? Yeah, neither do my friends. I fall in love. Hard and fast. As Sugarland puts it,” I’m slow to trust and I’m quick to love.” I love in a way that is strong and deep and I don’t want to let go. I don’t protect my heart. I don’t build walls or put up fences. I believe in being reckless with my heart, but not with other people’s. And I believe that there is peace in knowing that love is going to be gone someday and you only get more if you give it away.

Say YES? God, yes. Yes. Let’s do it, let’s go there, let’s try that. Yes, I trust you. Yes, I want you. Yes I know that you can, and very well might, break my heart, but yes to anything might ask. Let’ do it. YES.

I’m not ready to die though. In fact, I feel as though I could live forever. Surviving on the ebb and flow of the ocean. Stealing subtle intensities from the sky with each deep breath. Absorbing the suns energy like a plant and thriving on that.

I’ll say it again, just in case, I don’t want to die yet. I’m not ready. There’s too much life to live. Too much to see and do. Too many friends left to embrace. Too much love to give and accept.

Before I go, I want to dig in the dirt. and know that a tree will grow because I planted it. I don’t need to watch it grow. I have faith that the sun and sky and earth will watch over it for me.

I want to play in the surf, knowing that while I’m nowhere near “home” the waves could carry me there if I let them. If I could just be swallowed by the oceans and rivers for only a moment, to have them deposit me where they believe that I should land, maybe this crazy world would make sense.

I want to watch the sun until it becomes an eclipse. I want to spend my time seeing it rise and set and fight with the moon until they learn to compromise and share the calender.

But if I were taken from this world today I could rest easily. For I know that I have loved and been loved. I know that I’ve explored and experienced life. To it’s fullest? Not yet. But thankfully, I believe I still have time.

“I go where the wind blows. You can’t tame a wild rose. Welcome to my crazy life.”

*originally posted to elephant journal June 2012.