A Full Moon Cycle

Happy One Month Birthday, Jack!

My little babe has officially been outside of me for a full cycle of the moon.  In that time he’s had his first Christmas, first New Year’s, his mama turned 40 (!), he’s witnessed a rocket launch and met a whole bunch of cool people. He’s getting so big, even though he’s still so little and he’s changed so much since the day we brought him home.


I’m sure none of this comes as any surprise to all the mamas out there. And neither will this…

This is not the post I intended for today. I had fully intended that today, I would post Jack’s birth story. Sort of a celebration for his one month of life. However, it’s not a quick, fairy tale birth and as it turns out, I have not had time to write it. (As it turns out, spending the entire day staring at your beautiful baby really makes time fly!) Fortunately, I don’t think I will ever forget a detail of that day. However, I will get it all documented before long. But for sure, time has slipped away from me over the past month.

That all being said, second post in two days, that’s a win for now!


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