A Whole New World

Well, it’s been years, literally, since I’ve taken the time to write on here with any sort of consistency. My life has changed so much that I actually considered starting a whole new blog instead of picking up this one. But then I realized that this one is me.

Have I changed? Sure. More than just a little.

But so many things are the same. I am surrounded by amazing people who love me and lift me up. Some of those people are the same, my family, my friends, the rock solid relationships that have stood the test of time. That saw me threw divorces, marathon training, and some very questionable decisions. And some of those people are new. New family, new friends, more rocks.

In the past year, I have become a wife and (officially) a stepmom, and a new mommy to my sweet baby Jack. Oh, and then I turned 40! It’s been a whirlwind for sure. I know this time last year, I was parading around Scotland with my fiancee, yet it feels like an eternity ago. Or at least a few years.

I have always written most consistently when exploring a new challenge, something outside of my comfort zone. Specifically here on this blog it’s been marathon training and embracing minimalism (still a work in progress several years later, but more on that in the future.) So I figure this is a good outlet as I explore the challenges and highlights of mommy-hood. Will this blog be all about parenting? Probably not. Life is never just about one thing. So this blog will just be about life. But I think a lot of life is going to be different now that I am a parent. And I do hope to explore more than just parenting in my future, who knows, maybe another marathon?

Anyway, I’m back, for now.