Holy Hell it’s New Year’s Eve

So there goes another year, and not a single post.  At least not since by birthday, which is essentially a year… There’s no way to possibly bring the entire year up to speed. So I’ll say this. It’s been a crazy one. If you don’t pay attention the entire year will NO DOUBT pass you by.

It’s even more obvious now as I’m typing this on a mac instead of a pc. As I’ve given my pc to my pseudo step son. I never thought I would “give away” a computer. Ever.

Anyway… 51 weeks since my last post, I would say it’s been a damn good year. After two moves and one VERY LONG commute, I am settling in to life with the swede (and his mini-me.)  Will 2016 be the year that I blog regularly?  I hope so. I feel as though I have quite a lot to say.

But not tonight. Tonight, I am bundled up in Stockholm with the swede and his sister. Enjoying some vin (wine), mat (food) and much, much love.

Wow 2015. Thanks for the ride… all eyes forward.