Welcome to my bubble.

I live in a bubble.  And probably you do to.  In our lives, it seems we surround ourselves with people who pretty much think and act the same way we do.  Not exactly the same, of course, because how boring would that be?  But incredibly similar.  I have my friends who I see all the time, who pretty much know me and share a good amount of my basic beliefs.  We are health conscious, open to debates and generally, try to be mindful.  We discuss the finer points of vegan versus local diets.  We practice yoga and go running.  We have little dinner parties and hang out in the wine bar.


But I am quite frequently reminded that I live in a bubble with these people.



Today I saw a picture for an anti-fur ad. And I thought “Really?  People still wear fur?” I mean, at this point, hasn’t everyone seen the pictures with the baby seals?  They’re horrifying.

You know what else shocks me, smoking.  What the fuck?  Why are you still smoking?   Why is anyone still smoking?  It’s killing you and the planet and let’s face, hundreds if not thousands of migrant tobacco workers.

The other day, on a way to party, a friend and I made a quick stop in Wal Mart, somewhere that I generally refuse to shop.  and you know what I saw? Tasteycakes.  Who is eating this crap?  Somebody apparently.  Somebody way, way outside of my my bubble.

I realized that I get so used to living in my bubble, that I frequently forget about life outside the bubble.  I bet if you think about it, you’ll realize it too.  Weird, right?  Just a quick thought for the day.


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