Great post from a new friend. Let’s not be afraid of our light. Shine On!

blu dog running club

This morning as I was busy ruminating obsessing about tomorrow’s upcoming long run, followed by a conversation about how I’ve only run this distance once; I came across this quote.  It was a powerful reminder.

I chose this quote as one of my motto’s for 2012 during my Reset.  And it found me again this morning when I needed the reassurance most.  Upon reading it, my mind immediately became still and my heart beat slowed.  It was like the moment when you know everything is going to be okay.

Besides, who am I kidding?  We’re talking about running 10 miles.  (Not a real world problem.)  It is a blessing I am able to do it all.  In light of my found-again zen like statemoment, I challenge y’all to get your shine on this weekend.

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