Being Brave

So I’d bounced the idea of blogging around with several friends. Some who are new to blogging, some who have done it for years.  And ultimately, I started one.  On the advice of a dear, dear friend, and experienced blogger, I started a blog under a pen name.  Her advice was good at the time, it gave me the courage to create that first blog post.  What difference did it make what was out there if nobody knew it was me, and couldn’t even find me if they googled me.  But after the first post, nothing.  It occurred to me recently, that the reason I’ve done nothing more with it, was because it sort of felt like hiding, which was just the opposite of what I was I was trying to accomplish.  See what I was really looking for was a bit of an outlet.  I place to share my random, zany thoughts and maybe the occasional crazy story.  So I’ve started over.  Right here.  Where I’ve decided to be brave and where I can be me and people (you) can judge me on the good, the bad and the ugly of who I really am.   Because ultimately, as the ever wise Dr. Seuss puts it , “those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”   So I’ve copies my little intro blog below and this is me.  Really me.  Tatum. Ann.  Bacchi.  Being brave.  Whoa.

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So I’m going to go out on a limb and say they first blog is the hardest. a. I’m sharing my innermost thoughts with you, the reader (who may exist only in my mind.) b. I’m undecided if I should jump right in from where I sit, or if there is a need to bring you up to speed on my life. So based on these two things I’m having a hard time getting started, which will no doubt end in a plethora of verbal diarrhea which may or may not be funny, sarcastic, thought provoking and/or heartbreaking. Probably not all tonight.  Also there’s pressure. People read blogs. I read blogs. I want people to enjoy my blog, like I enjoy the blogs of several people I do and do not know.

So here are a few things I feel like I should get out there.

I use the term “friends” loosely and may or may not elaborate on that in my “writing” (another term I’ll use lightly).  Sometimes when I say friends, I mean friends. Of which I have 15-20. I recognize them as people who are relatively local, who would join me for a beer, who may or may not be there for me in a time of need (i.e. blown tire) should I try to call.  Sometimes I say friends and I mean acquaintances. I have about a hundred or so. Someone I may go out of my way to meet for a drink if I happen to be in walking distance of where they are standing and who entertain me, generally through social media. Most of these friends don’t yet know that I’m crazy, much less have they learned to embrace my insanity.  I have my best friends. I have about 5. Don’t ask me how I have 5 best friends.  The term ‘best’ is overrated when it comes to friends.  These friends are the best friends I got and I love them. They are not all local. Most of them would laugh at me if I asked them to change my tire because they already know I can do it my damn self and if I’m calling them it’s cause I’m being lazy.  or want someone to buy me a beer.  Some of them would get on a plane to buy me a beer if the situation called for it.

Next, plan on seeing a lot of quotes from me.  Not actual quotes, but quotation marks, air quotes if you will.  I embrace the use of air quotes in my day to day life and feel the need to translate that to paper.  (Is that backwards?)  Anyway, you’ll commonly see quotes on words such as “working,” “focused” and “meditation.”  You may see them with one quote mark like ‘this’ or two, like “this.”  Mostly because, based on an apparently questionable education, I don’t know the difference.

Here’s my general deal.  I’m single.  I own my own home where I live with two dogs who I love more than life and drive me nuts.  I am the female version of the stereotypical bachelor.  I’m typing this in my underwear.  My underwear are probably cuter than the stereotypical bachelor’s.   It took me eight tries to type “stereotypical bachelor” twice because I’m a bottle in to a nice organic red wine.  (let’s go ahead and make that 10 for 3.)  I drink in “moderation” and “moderation” is an imaginary place that exists wherever I am.   I alternate between playing too hard and working too hard because frankly, the concept of actual moderation is lost on me.  I steal quotes and don’t always give credit.

Lastly, I have horrible language.  If some giant blogging conglomerate picks me up and tells me to clean it up, I may or may not consider doing so.  Fuck is part of my everyday language.  It is unfortunately not part of my everyday life (one of the many things I’ll be vomiting on you, my now faithful reader.) So if you’re easily offended by foul language, honest sex talk, stories of drunken debauchery or the use of air quotes.  This blog is not for you.  Just sayin.

So this is it, my first few paragraphs into becoming a blogger.  Hopefully this blog will get sexier and more entertaining as time goes by and I figure some shit out.  Like me.

2 thoughts on “Being Brave

  1. Awesome! “Fuck is part of my everyday language.” All the more reason I will be reading! And yeah I use quotes far more than is “necessary” too;) I think one of the toughest things about blogging sometimes is getting stuck feeling like you have to be all about one topic all the time. I’m all over the place…and it keeps me writing!

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